Thursday, 23 May 2013

wretched Ikea hex keys

Last night I gave myself three tasks I had to do before I could open a bottle of wine. It was a stressful day at work, and I've learned not to drink & stitch.

So first, laundry - ticked that off easily.

Second, rethread the overlocker with brown & do the skirt's panel seams - ticked off far too easily. Though the time procrastinating did let me mull over the 2 options.  I decided to overlock each side of the seam & press them open.

Third, raise the cutting table downstairs, and move the ikea drawers underneath.  This would mean taking off the feet [on the drawer set].  To do that you have to take the bottom drawer off the sliding rail it's screwed to.

So I lumbered around under the table chocking it up higher, and then getting under it to get the drawer out. When i got the giggles, cos I'd trapped myself underneath. With the drawer out I didn't have room to get past & out from under.  I found that the legs are attached with a hex topped screw. {sigh} Smaller than I expected, and I'd have to find my allen/hex keys.

So I managed to get out by moving the table away & off the risers.  Mumbled about getting it back onto them.  Once I got my hex keys, I found that none of them fit. They were reverse-Goldilocks - either too big or too small.  But as the 2nd set of drawers was arriving this morning I had to find a quick fix.  I raised the table even higher and shuffled the drawer set underneath. And struggled to reattach the drawer to the sliders.  Cos until I have a hex key that works I'm having it all in one piece with nothing loose to get lost.

This morning I filled waiting time by unpacking some costumes from a tub into the top drawer and was happy.  It feels like just maybe I'll get the grotto into a semblence of order. Even if it's done a little bit at a time. 

I've now got four 50litre tubs to give away, and two or three 40litre.  Plus a tub that was given to me with three half hides of leather.  I want to take these to the Fabric Cave but without a car it's not so simple. Taking a bus I can fill my nanna shopping trolley with stuff & carry 1 empty tub.  If it becomes too complicated I'll just take the empty tubs to my nearest charity shop. they're taking up room and the space will give me a little more peace fo mind.


  1. I have a bag of Ikea spare parts if you need anything. It probably has that thingie in it. I'll be at Rhodes on Saturday. Are you going??

    1. I'll definitely be there with some fabric to giveaway, and a couple of bodice mock ups to get help fitting.

      I'd LOOOOVE the loan of the hex key! I thought I had one of theirs from a previous cupboard I assembled, but I didn't put it in my toolbox.