Sunday, 26 May 2013

one found and one lost

Alison has lent me her bag of Ikea things, which has their speshul hex keys.  Fingers crossed this works with the aneboda set cos the table on top of the drawers is just right without the set of drawers feet. Don't know if I'll get it done this week, as I'm a bit squiffy and shifting stuff increases motion sickness.  I ate too much cheese yesterday, pissed off my innards.

The bad is that I popped into the grotto tonight to find the fabric for my short gown ... so I could pre-shrink it this week.  However I simply couldn't find it. Which is crazy cos I saw it 2 weeks ago, and would have sworn I put it in the cupboard. 

Not there, BUT ta-dahhhh I found the sleeves for my nightie.  Wahoo. They were in with a couple of unfinished projects. So sorta, kinda in with like things. Alike in being unfinished projects, not-alike in they're historical clothing and this was sleepwear.  Though very much from on a T chemise pattern. (Finding the sleeves was the good)
So my dilemma now is what to use for the short gown. I'm hoping to wear it at the end of June, so either finding the fabric, picking another fabric, or not getting my working class regency done in time are my 3 options.

Ooh, and I got help fitting the hobbit bodice. Some dartage is inevitable, but it's worth having a well fitting bodice when you're a shetland pony in human form. Will show pics of the toile tomorrow.

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