Wednesday, 23 January 2013

remember to enjoy sewing

Meandering through my reading list, I came across a 2013 resolution to "focus on enjoyment" on So I sewed this blog.  It's a reminder I need seeing as I've done so little sewing and been a bit down on myself for not getting much done in the past year.  Hopefully once my dang gallbladder is sorted out (ie removed) then I should get back to my old self.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

a giant extra extra long photocopy pattern

Or so it seems.

The copy vintage pattern from the UK arrived today, and it's on a long continuous piece of paper - something like 2 metres or more. It looks like a photocopy, although not like office copies, if that makes sense. The instructions are copied in full & it comes with a notebook with pattern sizes, vintage fit alterations, a page to list your own measurements, a garment history page (ie for what you've made, a notes page and something else my brain can't recall.

I'm happy to buy from this seller again, although once I'd unpacked the pattern copy & realised how long it was, it was a chore to cut it up into manageable pieces. Cos it's just so big, impossible in my small place to work out how to refold it as it was,  and it started to tear at one point.

It's on my wish list for summer, maybe I'll even get it done before the end of this one.

Friday, 4 January 2013

not sewing, shopping

I'm not feeling very adult about not being able to sew for so long. Though I'm starting to have energy now I'm on holiday, and have slept all the regular and irregular sleeping times. So I need to get some small amounts of sewing done *before* I go back to work next Thursday. I'm hoping to get the skirts done for my hobbit, and maybe the chemise blouse cut out.

Anyways, it's true that as a consolation for not sewing I've trawled museum galleries for eyecandy to pinterest - so much so that I've used 80% of my interwebs data allowance in 66% of the month, so I'm not going to be doing that for the next 10 days.

I also bought fabric, which isn't supposed to be happening, but I did get this linsey-woolsey which is supposed to be a dark navy but looks more charcoal to me - which is just as useful to me thankfully.  I got 5 yards, which I'm hoping is enough  for something regency or georgian.

The sample wool challis arrived and I don't know if it's the comparison or the purple in it but it looks more navy/purple to me. It's very lightweight & floaty, so I'm seriously considering this for the seabathing dress - even though it's not purple/pink & green. Though I should order a sample of the cotton that I like - even lightweight wool can be overheating in Sydney.

The sample stripe is a 70:30 wool/cotton. I could justify a skirt length for work, the stripe is about a 5/8th inch repeat but I'll not order it now.

Yesterday I also bought a vintage pattern copy from the UK, a 1930s Marion Martin:

Thursday, 3 January 2013

a bit twitchy & sort of sulking

everytime I see another blogger post they've joined the Dreamstress' HSF, I sook a little as I'm not in a position to join in.  Dang gallbladder  is really impacting my life.  Even carrying my groceries in my right hand is a problem due to the extra pressure it puts on said gb.

Oh well, at least it's now only 26 days until I meet the surgeon & find out how long it is before I go under the knife.