Monday, 27 February 2012

getting ready for JAFA (Jane Austen Festival Australi)

At the beginning of the year, I cut out 3 chemises, a coutil cheat version of my long stays (so I can dress myself) and the 1790s jumps in cotton canvas lined with cotton twill.  Despite being under the weather for most of the year, I've almost finished the chemises and have at least looked at the stays & jumps. Not sewn, but the jumps are so easy that I'm not too worried.  I took the pattern with me to buy some flat steels for the jumps, hmm, I better check that the pattern still fits, as I've lost a little weight.

On Saturday I went to my sewing guild meeting and spent far more time than I'd like hand sewing the binding around the edge of the replacement (ie longer) shoulder straps and whip stitching the straps to the stays.  By the end I wasn't able to focus well enough to thread the needle so I didn't get the hand eyelets stitched for the the straps & where the tie to the front. Only 4 eyelets and it's altered to fit properly.  I also want to devise fan-lacing for it. 

One reason I want the jumps done next is so that I can make & fit this 1798 fashion plate.  I can use the past patterns round gown to make the dress, though perhaps with less fullness in the back to save my brain with all those triangles at the hem.   3 metres of triangle trim will perhaps make my brain go all explodey.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

at last, bread I can eat

It's very expensive, at least I think it is at $6.20 for a smallish sliced loaf. But it's made interstate & shipped here, so that accounts for some of it. Plus to make it without wheat/gluten/soy/potato/dairy/yeast and it still be tasty, well how can I complain, even if I can't afford it every week.

Friday, 3 February 2012

sewing slowdown ... a bit broken

I'm way behind on my austerity corse and I'm going to cut out the mock up this Sunday.  Sadly I've had some health issues that have impacted my my awake time.  That is I've been getting plenty of extra sleep at the time of day when I'm usually sewing. 

So I'm remember the turtle can win the race, and I'm defining win as finishing the corset and my regency clothing plans.