Tuesday, 21 May 2013

thinking about sewing - working class regency short gown

This morning I preshrank the hobbit blouse fabric, so I've done something today sewing related.  I got extra of this fabric so I could make a regency era fichu from it. There will be serious complaining about hand rolled hems.  I begrudgingly hand sew only when it cannot possibly be avoided.

Tonight I also put some thought into my regency short gown /jacket which I'll need in late June. The style I'm aiming for is similar to a bodice sold by Meg Andrews http://www.meg-andrews.com/item-details/Hand-Block-Bodice/7384. I could use the Lewis & Clarke era dress pattern & substantially shorten it, with less fabric in the back.

However I also thought of the Northern Society of Costumes & Textiles pattern of the 1793 Dress of the Revolution (French).

I could raise the waist, & add a "skirt" to the back.  It's similar to what was worn by working class at the time I'm looking at, a decade later than this pattern. I do want to use this pattern at some point in the nearish future but in the interests of expediency I may simply go with the Past Patterns that I know fits.  The NSCT jacket needs to be scaled to size, graded to fit, mocked up, etc.  

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