Thursday, 9 May 2013

Tailor's Guide - pattern range

A company I'd never heard of with, to quote their website, patterns from the "colonial fur trade, civil war, western frontier".    My finger isn't as on the pulse as I'd thought, cos despite trawling a whole lot of sites that sell historical type patterns I'd not spotted them before. Which is crazy considering the range of patterns Tailor's Guide have.  There are other patternson Amazon & Patterns of Time that aren't on their website. Yesterday I added to my pattern stash by ordering their 1725-85 Partially Boned reversible stays.
I also got Past Patterns 705 early to mid 19th century stays. I've wanted to look at it for ages and it wasn't going to add to my cost of postage so snaffled it. So yes, my obsession with underpinnings continues unabated.  One day I should work my way through every single pattern ... a scary thought!

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