Tuesday, 7 December 2010

copying a Regency reticule, and a pink bonnet

I based my reticule on one that was for sale on www.vintagetextiles.com a couple of years ago. Though that one had embroidery on the sides.  I had intended to pipe the edges of the front & back, gather the side and sew the front & back onto the gathered strip.  Except that I forgot this when making it. So I gathered the sides on the piping and stitched that onto the front, and then the back.  I'm going to find a light weight cord to use for the draw strings as the ribbon is pretty but seems out of scale. The original had white cord not ribbon.

And having already made a red linen bonnet, I was less than impressed with working with silk. I'd thought to cut wider seam allowances than directed but crown section was trying to fray to nothingness in a couple of places.  There's more hand sewing than I really like, but I have to admit that it was worth it.   I put it on a wig on my wig stand  (easier to frame the shot).