Friday, 24 May 2013

dyeable linen/cotton for Catelyn

Phew it was an easy find at my fave Marrickville fabric shop. It's a linen/cotton blend, 140cm (56") wide and only $4.50m.  So I snagged 6m and will wash/preshrink it tonight, and get some dye for it. I may even use dylon as iDye is harder to find.

It's more of a minty green than my photo (flash bleaching it out) but as i'm dyeing it, that hardly matters. That it's a more textured weave is a bonus, given her dress isn't in a smooth tabby weave.

Edited to add: Did a burn test before I washed it, and yes it's a linen-cotton blend. Not a paper ash residue but a minimal ash residue

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