Thursday, 28 February 2013

ribbon trim selected at a distance

The selection of silk ribbons locally is the narrow embroidery stuff that's carded with a couple or 4 yards, and nothing wide enough for this.  So I've ordered a 15m roll of silk ribbon from Cam Creations, and I'm hoping that I picked the right blue. I didn't want pastel and royal would be wrong too.  So fingers crossed it blends in nicely once I have it in my grabby hands.  Then I'll be compelled to start sewing it, which should be quick. Though not as quick as if I stuck to the pattern.

At least the fiddly shaped, appliqued neck facing is the type of fiddly stuff I enjoy doing.

I started mentally flip flopping on my fabric choice, and trying to self-justify buying something else. Cos yes, this colouring is no longer as flattering as it used to be, but hey I need to use what I have and it's loungewear for a spinster who lives alone.  I have a vast and diverse stash of fabrics, nerdily spreadsheeted into categories, so I know I have high hundreds of metres.  I'm trying to use and not buy this year. Firstly cos I just have so much that needs and wants to be used. Secondly, it's money that I don't have to spend as it already has been. Surviving on fresh/frozen fish & fruit is unsuprisingly a spendy thing. I'd planned to pay off the nastycard this year but seem to be throwing $$ at food every week. Tinned fish is tolerated once a week, more than that and I get the squiffies.

But the compulsion to buy was strong in me, and I ended up trawling fashionfabricsclub and finding some lawns & light-weight cottons that might suit me better and I put a couple in the shopping cart, plus samples of more.  I managed to talk myself down to one yardage +samples,  and waited a couple hours. When I went to order it the servers at work were having issues & it timed out.

Saved by technology.

Monday, 25 February 2013

still hoping to sew for victory

I located my vintage copy pattern in the stash, I'd even managed to put it away properly!  What a surprise to me.

I'd started copying the pattern pieces already, thank goodness, and I need to make a mockup of the bodice more than of the skirt. I'll need to check body length (I'm so short from shoulders to waist), and increase the cuppage for my genetic gift. I'll need to decide fi I'll swing any of the extra into the yoke gathers, or leave it as a new side dart.

The skirt I can flat measure and know if it'll fit or need a minor tinker.

I had a moment of insanity where I wanted to pipe the yoke & neck line but I managed to remind myself that I need to enjoy this, and that I don't have enough spoons to fiddle-faddle around

Sunday, 24 February 2013

planning some loungewear

As I haven't had the oomph to sew yet, I've been doing a little scheming for when I can. I've fossicked in the stash for something suitable, or near enough for the 1920s Decades of Style #2601 negligee.

I found this cotton lawn, which I wasn't sure was right for the pattern and started looking at fabrics online.

And I had to give myself a good talking to about shopping the stash first, and then going back and either shopping the stash second or changing the pattern so that I can indeed use up the 100s of metres of fabric I already have.

There isn't enough of the plain blue, but there is of the kitty cotton lawn I got a few years ago in a moving sale.  I plan to make a design change on the neckline, such as a plain blue appliqued facing with a V- or maybe a russian-inspired opening. Something like Simplicity 1189 - not owned by me however.

I've also come up with a cunning plan to edge the sides of the DoS negligee. The original is hem stitched and slashed between to give a picot edge to the drapey bit. ugh, am so not handsewing if at all possible.

My first alternate solution was to make narrow bias from the plain blue cotton ... and whine the whole time to anyone and everyone.  Instead I now have the brighter idea of getting narrow china silk ribbon and binding the edges with that. It'll highlight the drape, and it's all straight lines so I can get away with ribbon.  Come payday this week I'll order it online.

Monday, 11 February 2013

sewing for victory, 1939 style

I'm sure that during rationing that a woman of a certain age would be practical and use a pattern she already had.  So I'm going to use the Past Patterns repro #3288, a Simplicity from 1939

And the cotton print is in red, black & white. 

Next step for me is to find the pattern & copy it out.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

the Sydney Sewer's social today

Today I went to the Sydney sewing bloggers meetup, of course at a fabric shop.

Though really it was for bloggers, non bloggers, and in fact anyone interested in sewing whatever the level.  Here's a bunch of us at Tessutis.  I really enjoyed it, although I flaked a little earlier than I'd have liked.

What I find sort of amusing is that I'm in the older brigade at the meetups we've had. I used to be one of the young sewers, and in the aussie sewing guild I still am, but here I'm one of the older farts.  It's still fun whatever your age!

I may Sew for Victory

I know I need to get something sewn, and I might go with this idea, seeing as I've been buying vintage (original & repro) patterns in the past 6 weeks. I've got patterns to choose from & fabric that may or may not be suitable for a retro dress.

It's being hosted by luckylucille and runs from Feb 4-Mar31, though she's hoping people will finish by the 28th March to do a photo parade.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sydney sewing blogger's social

Saturday!  just for some sibilance of ssssss's.

I popped into the first one, back when my gallbladder first arced up, and the next one is this Saturday.  Details on little betty designs blog.  Again I may fade before the afternoon is over, but I'm giving it a red hot go to stick the afternoon out.

To add to my woes, last Wednesday I thought a mosquito had munched on me during the night, but it turns out that no it's spider bites. Eleven on my left arm on Wednesday night, and about 6 on the right arm & 6 on the left leg on Thursday night.  None since, thank goodness.  I'm off to see the Dr later today as the ones on my left leg are starting to look even worse, not better.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

not much to see before May

saw the surgeon today and I'm straight onto the waitlist for surgery. Though the sad-face making news is the waitlist is approx 3 months.  So I'll be stuck eating poached fish & fruit until mid-late May.  (Including for my big round number birthday).

My gallbladder's behaviour is considered too risky for travel so I shalln't see the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition in Canberra as it closes early in May April, nor get to Ironfest in Lithgow ... it's not in Sydney so I won't be there. I shall sook that weekend as it's the Jane Austen Festival weekend in Canberra as well as Ironfest so all my costume friends will be out of town having fun without me. (and that's my big number natal anniversary)

booo, hisss.  I shall sulk a bit longer before poaching tonight's dinner of, yes yet again, fish. 

Friday, 1 February 2013

more 1930s vintage patterns

My 2 patterns from Woodland Farms arrived today, and I'm definitely happy with them. The Anne Adams is a good size for me, and I'm looking forward to trying it once I can get back to sewing. The good news is I meet the surgeon on Tuesday, and he'll be able to say where I'll get placed on the waiting list. I hope my living alone is a factor for speedy surgery, ie if anything went wrong at night getting help might be a problem.

The NY wasn't in a great match size wise, bit I'm sure that I can grade it without losing my mind.  The skirt section will be good on it's own too, as would the top.