Wednesday, 16 July 2014

This Saturday - a Regency Fashion Parade at Woodford Academy

Up in the Blue Mountains, Woodford Academy is a National Trust property that dates back to the 1830s. There might be an older single building in the area but not by much as europeans didn't find a crossing over the mountains until 1813.

This Saturday afternoon I'm participating in a Regency Fashion Parade there, in 2 costumes, I'll be first on show and then do a quick change to reappear in a dress that's only 10 years older but quite a contrast in style.

I've had to write a packing list for both costumes so that I don't travel for 2 hours to get there, only to discover I've left something essential behind like stockings (once I packed white cotton ankle socks instead of knee highs).

Monday, 14 July 2014

complete - one robot nightie

My robot print flannelette didn't hang around long enough to be come stash, it's now a nice new snuggly nightie.  Stash thread was used to sew it, and I used up a red bobbin, even though it was a slightly not-quite-right red. Not by much but I'm not entering a competition with it, just sleeping.

progress on crochet blanket - 70% complete

70% of the squares that is, I'll still need to crochet them all together, and do an outside border. Thankfully I'm darning in all the ends as I go as the thought of doing that a the end gives me the shudders - 720 of them is enough for me to avoid the task.

I still need the darkest colour to join them, and sadly Bendigo Woollen Mills don't have a darker purple. They do a plum, but not one that appeals to me for this blanket. I could get a darker green but until I see enough of the wool together I can't pick, and the swatch card sample is too small and an entire ball of 200g is too wasteful if it's not the right colour. I've already done that so am giving away that too-yellow-and-not-dark-enough green wool.

I might have to go to a brick & mortar store to find something suitable. The alternate is to wait until the first weekend in October when I can visit BWM as I'll be in Bendigo for an exhibition at the Art Gallery.

I don't want to lose my motivation though, so it looks like a visit to a larger spotlight or Morris & Sons is likely to happen in the next couple of weeks.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

the phrase "robot nightie" doesn't mean what it sounds like

I've been working on my robot nightie ... but saying that makes me feel like I must be making a nightie for a robot, not from a robot print fabric.

Anywho, here's the the external neck facing:

Part of me wishes that I'd thought through the placement on the fabric even though a small amount of fabric would have been wasted (or the sleeves that bit longer), as the facing covers the top of the robot's face.

The sleeves are assembled and pinned in ready to stitch tomorrow along with the side seams and the flat fell seam that this makes. Then the hem and it's done.

So a bit more than 1 week from purchase to completion but I'm more than happy with that. At least I'll have used it this winter

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A case of the blahs, and it could be winter's fault

I've been aware for quite a long time that I get a mild case of SAD by the end of every winter. And the year it rained all summer I had it then too because there wasn't enough sunlight hours for me to have enough happy chems in my body.

I'm being a bit careful because since my gall-bladder went homicidal not long after I became lactose intolerant I'm also chronically low in Vitamin D - before I never was. As I'm at the lowest end of OK with (1) mid summer and (2) a daily supplement, then I think it's time to increase my Vit D cos last night I had the blahs and went to bed simply to avoid feeling that way. Vit D deficiency is also linked to depression so I don't want to risk the combined glums cos of SAD PLUS low VitD. It takes months of dietary supplements to affect blood levels so I probably should have started before mid-winter.

I'm seeing a movie tonight & tomorrow night, so won't get to sew my robot print nightie before the weekend.

Monday, 7 July 2014

contrast fabric for the next nightie neckline

I like to do a contrast neck facing, not as a fabric efficiency measure, as there aren't enough scraps left over to cut one out.  The first time I had to buy extra fabric it had sold out, so I went for a contrast. And realised that I liked it so continue the theme.  I probably should have bought the robots contrast on Saturday but foolishly I didn't.  So after work today I ventured to the store I now call Lincrap (I remember the days when it had a higher quality fabric stock) only to be disappointed.  Their plain colour flannelette's were of such poor quality I don't understand how they sell at any price.

I was left with an assorted and small choice of patterns, and none of them had a siren song but I want to sew this quickly, and it's already cut out saying "robots are awesome".  So i went with a grey & white stripe, that will kinda blend into the grey of the robots. I don't want the blue as royal blue isn't so flattering for me, and it wouldn't make me happy even if it was a great contrast for the fabric.

It's hanging on my shower rail, already pre-shrunk. Hopefully start stitching on Wednesday night.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

pondering the MAGAM theme for July

The theme for July is "Sew your wish",  and considering how much of what I sew has been purely what I want (a new costume for an event) rather than clothing that I need for work, I'm wondering what I can make that fits the theme but isn't self indulgent.

I've been wishing for a summer dress, and although it's winter now, spring arrives suddenly in Sydney and it's been 39C in September before now.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

finished my nightie for June MAGAM

Thankfully I made few mistakes sewing this as it's a pattern I've used a lot before, however the external facing is uneven. Though I can't be too upset as it's sleepwear, not something I'll be seen wearing on the street. Flat fell seams make it comfy, modelled with socks on my feet as I forgot to pack my slippers (pet minding for friends).

I'm glad to have got another MAGAM challenge complete (missed one or 2 this year).

I have to admit that my stashbusting hasn't been helped by this garment, as I came home with another length for a winter nightie. This time it's robots!  

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

a late entry plan for June MAGAM

I need a sure thing, a winner to revive my sewing mojo. It's usually just below the surface and starting to sew anything helps. Especially when you know it's going to be a winner.  I started using the Past Pattern's chemise #002 as a nightgown pattern when I realised that not only is it period accurate in terms of sleepwear for many (despite my flannellette choices) but it's dead simple to make. I sew it with flat fell seams on the machine and that makes it just comfy on the inside too. I've taken to using a contrast fabric for a self drafted neck facing, and must hunt through my stash for some red with white pinstripes. I like penguins in cartoons, they're usually plotting mayhem.
2014 penguin nightie

Edited to add: The MAGAM theme for June is "June for the wellbeing of women. Celebrate the feminine with brightness and radiance." This fabric certainly is bright & radiant :D