Monday, 27 May 2013

fending off donation-remorse

About 13 years ago I got a couple of pieces of fabric from a charity shop near my workplace at North Sydney.   Last year I decided I couldn't justify keeping one of them as I didn't think I'd ever have a use for it.  So I think it went to the Fabric Cave in a huge bag of other stuff.

Today I thought, hmmm if I can't find the pink/green print, what else in my stash can be sacrificed to the working class regency. Oooh, goes my brain. That blue with white stripe lightweight wool. Winter is coming and both events are outdoors, so I'd be cosy if there's a cold wind.

Only to discover that in my spreadsheet it's tagged for donation. Huh, wonder if it really and truly did get sent.  My have to fossick for it.

If it did, I'm refusing to regret it. It's only blind chance that let me think of a use for it well over 6 months afterwards.

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