Wednesday, 21 December 2011

1911 corset sew along

I'm leaping into this one, and not because I have a titanic era event to go to in 2012.  It's because i've been intending to make one for over a year.  This is motivation to actually do, instead of think about doing.

I'm sorta kinda hoping to be the winner of the blue coutil giveaway, but otherwise I'm going to use some pinky beige fabric I bought *cough* years ago as it reminded me of early 20th C underpinnings.  I got 4 metres of it and as I'm re-organising the giant stash-o-fabric over the Xmas/NY holidays I'll come across it easily. Pics will follow

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

getting to re-wear costumes at Bris'nova

I've not been at all productive, dodgy health is still to bet back to normal after 6 months of glandular fever in 2010.

So when I decided that I needed a mini break with friends in Brisbane, naturally it had to be for their bonus Supanova early in November. It was a great opportunity to wear costumes that are newer than my first (and only previous visit) to the north.

There were so many fantastic costumers - as ever - and it's so nice to not have to rush madly to finish something. I used to love deadlines, and they're still effective but I no longer cope with the adrenalin rush. It now makes me feel ill rather than excited. So it's great to have a wardrobe of costumes to raid.

There were quite a few Poison Ivy's (Val Kilmer was one of the major guests) and this is the best Poison Ivy costume that I've *ever* seen. Sexy and elegant.

A dodgy photo as it was my first outing with a new camera but I heart Monkey.

On Saturday I wore Dolores - not everyone recognised her either. But those that did loved it. I really wish I had a better wig, but at least my hair blended in with it more, so no obvious brunette edges with a pink wig.

Plus I got to squeee over my fave Amy Pond costume of the event.  Loved that she had a Jenny with her too.

On Saturday my friends were in these costumes (an anime character who's name I keep getting wrong Sabre something, and steampunk)

Sunday we went Disney.

Jane (from Tarzan)

and a group photo Left is Jane, Front :(can I remember the cheerleaders from Captain America movie),  Back: a fave aussie author Marianne de Pierres and Right: me in Cinderella's fairygodmother,