Friday, 29 July 2016

an organising project - folding fabric to fit

A few months ago my friend Abi re-organised her fabric stash by following this tutorial or how-to by I Always Pick The Thimble

I probably won't take or at least share any 'before' photos, but I'll see how it goes. I'd already measured the shelves in my 4 identical cupboards  but forgot to write down the details, so last night I did it again and made a note - they're 39cm deep and 41.5cm wide.

I also went to tackle the last step of fixing my pattern drawers - attaching the replacement running tracks to the frame, and then the drawers to the tracks.  I found out why I gave up back then (where back then is longer than I care to admit).  The screws they sent out with the tracks are the wrong size. The head of the screw is larger than the originals  - which I carefully put somewhere safe. So safe I can't find them.  I realised when I detached the only original broken runner still in the drawers. Comparing the 2 explained why I couldnt recess the screws enough for the runners to move. It was sticking and not working. 

UGH. So I have the right & wrong ones in an old film canister, ready to take to Ikea on the weekend.

Updating to add that I do have a couple of photos of when I first moved fabric from the plastic tubs to the single door cupboards. Some shelves are much messier now as this was taken in January 2012 (4.5 years ago)


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Hard to focus on a project (also known as sewing ADD)

Today I'm excited about using a different fabric in my stash - also not quite work appropriate. This time I've had it a few more years, and it's a J Crew fabric I got in an 8metre length via eBay Australia.

The background isn't black, but a very very midnight inky navy.

I had another look at my stash spreadsheet and I have 5 work appropriate print dress lengths, and 2 non really work appropriate, but somehow my brain has fixated on the not-work.

Part of me wonders if it's the perfectionist streak that wants work clothing to be perfect but has more tolerance for casual or not-work wear.

Finishing my 1920s dress has fired up my missing sewing mojo, along with seeing an impeccably groomed and presented woman at Starbucks in Brissie. I part-jokingly said to my bestie "why don't I look like that" followed by "cos I threw things in my suitcase without thinking or having stylish clothes".

hmmm, things to focus on.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

wanting to prioritise a casual wear dress over work clothes

Several months ago - possibly even late last year - I saw a mermaid print fabric online, that I thought would be wonderful in a casual wear dress.  I googled it and found it came in 3 different colour ways, and loved the darkest version.

Finding yardage (not a half yard piece) was trickier than I expected, but I found it at Never Enough Fabric in California.  I got great customer service & communication from them too.

The only glitch in my plan - is entirely my error. Despite knowing that the States use imperial not metric measures I didn't realise the scale of the print because I saw the ruler on the website image (which isn't the one above) and thought it was centimetres not inches hence the print is 2.5 times the size I anticipated. I thought it was hawaiian shirt size, not this scale:

Not quite as subtle as I'd thought, but I'm still going to use it, and carefully place the bodice pieces on the yardage.

I found this blogger who's made a dress using a similarly scaled Alexander Henry pin up print

Monday, 25 July 2016

a quick pic of my1920s outfit

I had a fabulous time at the 1920s lawn party & will post more photos when I have time on my computer at home (not tonight cos I'm going to see the Cure in concert).

I used a bone brooch to gather up the centre front of the collar, and am really pleased with much better the dress looked. Wearing the right underwear, accessories and make-up also helped me feel much happier with me+the dress. It's looser than I would like, but as it has no side fastening it needs to be able to go over my acreage of boobage.

Here's a quick post with a photo taken by Desir Brulant. I haven't even seen my own photos from the weekend.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Sewing project completed at last - waiting from back in January

Way back in January I was dithering over a 1920s dress for the Roaring 20s festival.  A dress that I didn't finish then cos I got some virus and the start of my missing sewing mojo (which would normally have me power through regardless).

What I didn't blog about was the dress I started making back then.

I borrowed this OOP Vintage Vogue pattern #2535 from a bestie.

I found some black rayon in the stash, and got enough of this embroidered border silk/cotton to use on the lower band with a straight hemline.  I used the plain top half of the silk/cotton to line the sleeveless bodice.  I'm planning to do a shaped hand rolled hem, following the lower edge of the embroidery. 
Inspired by reading this blog post by witness2fashion on 1920s Accessories: what's missing? I'm also going to gather the centre front line of the cape collar because with my boobs it just doesn't look quite right, and I'm thinking of placing a 20s-ish brooch over that. I also have a giant peony fabric flower that I'll put towards my left shoulder to draw the eye up towards my face. 

I'm not going to look my prettiest because I'm a short stout woman and not the ideal figure for 20s, but I'll look fashionably dressed and that's what counts.

Oh, and I finished the dress earlier this week, and am wearing it to a 1920s lawn party on Sunday.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

In lieu of actual sewing - here's a new-to-me 1920s drawers pattern

I bought this Pictorial Review Pattern on The eBay earlier this year because I was fascinated by how it's a fusion or mash up of bloomers and 20s loose leg drawers.  So fascinated that I had to buy it - it wasn't spendy - and I do plan to grade it to my size and make some myself.  I've seen open legged patterns, and fully banded  but not this half'n'half version.

PPS I still haven't finished my strawberry print dress. That sewing mojo is still in hiding.