Friday, 16 August 2013

my Easter Egg Costume

Around 4 years ago, Spotlight had a cotton poplin with a small repeating print (black lines on white) that I and a few other costumers grabbed in excitement. It told me it wanted to be a regency dress - small repeating motif - but I didn't quite have anything else in mind.

A couple of weeks before Steamfest I had the flash of inspiration to make a bib-front regency gown using the c1798-1805 morning dress pattern in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 1. Because I'd already mocked up & used the pattern I knew I could make it quickly.

My discovery of Trevithick's horseless steam carriage of 1803 - that he drove 70 miles to the coast to ship to London - made it clear that for me at least, steampunk could be earlier than Victoria's reign.

I raised the back neckline of the bodice 1" as my stays aren't completely covered, oopsie, and they're already made.

I made this in 1 crazy evening, from cutting out to done by 2.30am. I really love it and felt so comfortable wearing it.

Here's the back of the gown - which I pleated instead of gathering & pleating.
And the front - I used 2 black brooches instead of buttons or pinning it.

So what makes this my Easter Egg Challenge .... the print that only a couple of people noticed when I first wore the dress.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Easter Egg Costume Challenge - bringing it to the antipodes

While looking at pretties on the internet, I came across this Easter Egg Costume Challenge on "Au Temple des Modes" blog. I already have the ideal dress with my recent regency steampunk.

To quote the orginal text in english (via Google translate)
What is it?
Behind the name a little mysterious Easter Egg hides in fact a simple concept. The term refers to something hidden, such as a DVD or a website menu. We are inspired by the name for our challenge! The goal is to create a costume cutting, hyper historical details and by far seems to be correct historically. The surprise is revealed when we approach the fabric, trims are in fact not at all history! For example, a woven fabric, a web Christmas pad with candy, etc.. Be imaginative!

What is the purpose?
It is not a competition. Each at the end of the challenge will be free to organize an event in his city, region, country to "celebrate" the end of the challenge. The goal is to have fun, laughing a little, without falling into the traditional opposition purists Vs "pretty princesses." Enjoy!

How does it work?
The rule is simple, the suit must, at a distance look correct historically (colors, materials and shapes). What matters is the illusion and trompe l'oeil. For the rest, everything is permitted!

I am not in Paris, can I participate?
Of course! Just relaying information if you have a blog, you can participate in our first meeting EEC challenge. If you can not come in the Paris region, you can create your own output claiming the EEC challenge by posting on your blog or EEC facebook page.

Are there an end date?
Yes, but for now, it is not fixed precisely. We just know that the deadline will be held in the spring or summer of 2014.

How to participate?
The best is to directly copy the url code below pictures on your blog, copy of my long prose and make a link to the original page and then invite others to participate! You can keep more or less suspense to your project and whether to publish notes about your creation.
PS: Hello Kitty fabric illustration is of course a tribute to Jenny and her dress in the English Hello Kitty !

Friday, 9 August 2013

my work clothing UFO list

I've got 5 items of work clothing started and incomplete, and this list is in order of preference.

Work clothing UFOs
blue linen/rayon herringbone 1930s skirt - half cut out
Decades of Style 1930s matinee blouse - 80% sewn
aqua knit top - cut out
paisley self drafted pattern - 50% sewn
teal knit top - half sewn

I really need another couple of skirts at least and more tops ... I don't think that last one is going to be suitable. IE a bit lightweight on it's own and summer gets too hot+humid for me to wear camisoles as well as a top.

But I'll focus on finishing these this month and see what I can think up that's vintage inspired while still being professional work clothes.

Edited to add: I've got 2 retro Butterick patterns that I'm going to make. 6700,for which I may use a knit fabric (a 3/4 sleeved version of the blue (no ruffles on my hips) and 6701 with 3/4 sleeves again .... I'm looking forward to sewing something new.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

switch my focus to work clothing

I found out yesterday that my job will finish on the 23rd of this month, 2.5 weeks from now. It's not even 4 months into my 12 month contract so I'm definitely disappointed that I couldn't get another role in the organisation once my boss has left. As I'm likely to be interviewing (and probably temping again) my working wardrobe needs sprucing up, so I'm going to have to focus mainly on Real Life (TM) clothing. First I'll finish my UFO Decades of Style skirt, as half cut out is closer to finished than not cut out projects. Also the UFO DoS matinee blouse. The 2 cut out shirts that I was going to pay a friend to finish will need to be done by me as she's moving cities and probably won't have time to do them. so although they're mojo-less they're at least cut out.

Monday, 5 August 2013

steampunk bloomer costume finished ... and other things sewn from stash

I've not posted as I seemed to spend so much time doing things while on holiday and not so much posting or reading of my fave blogs.  Anyways, this post is more about my finished costumes and less about what I did on hols with my friends.

I got a regency sacque hat hand sewn (I know, me hand sewing!) for a heritage ball

And then I made my steampunk bloomer costume, using 9.5m of stash fabric. hurrah!  I'm pretty happy with it, using the Past Patterns bloomer pattern for the skirt & bloomers, and Truly Victorian 1859 pagoda bodice for the top. I need more accessories, and to make a corded petticoat to poof out the skirt as that's the look I'm after. I just didn't have time to sew it.

And then in crazy sewing marathon til 2.30am I cut and sewed my steampunk regency dress, again I've hat, parasol and other accessories in mind to make for it too.
Given I do grog & green selling with my napoleonic group, we decided the key is to the rum cupboard.