Sunday, 21 April 2013

improving and twitchy

I really want to get started on dyeing the linen fabric for my Catelyn costume. However I can't lift 5kg or more for another 3 weeks, and I don't want to do much for another month after that to be honest.  I really want it to heal & settle down.

My problem is twofold: the linen fabric is at the bottom of my half wardrobe stacked with boxes of fabric. Each box will be heavier than 5kg. Taking out all the fabric a couple pieces at a time isn't appealing.

Secondly, to dye the fabric I have to heat water in the copper, and bucket it across to my washing machine to hot water dye it. Cold water isn't going to work.  As each litre of water weighs 1kg, and a bucket holds much more than 5 litres, well you can see I can't do this until mid-late May.

I can prep the pattern, and mock up the upper half, so this I'll do. If I can get to my mock up fabric.

See, I am feeling so much better already that my patience is being challenged

ebay helps out with accessories for re-enacting

whee, I got a pottery wine jug, about 18cm high (7"?) and a great shape for my bum-boater basket.

It' got a name, Sydney Town & date of 1795 on it but the seller think's it was made at "Old Sydney Town". That was a small open air museum recreating our early colonial settlement, and it closed back in 2003.  Lacking a car & having the worst of CFS/ME back then I never made it up there.  There's talk of it re-opening, and a campaign working on it. This would be fabulous, but I won't hold my breath just in case.

So I need to look out for a couple more grog bottles, and possibly a larger basket.

I'm thinking of using the paisley-ish fabric I got in Brissie last November to make a short gown & petticoat. I'm hoping it's enough fabric for both or another fabric will be needed instead. For this character, I'll make a plain linen bodiced skirt to go underneath. ie thin linen or cotton on the bodice.

 I think this would fit in nicely, as I've looked at all the (few) half-robe aka short gowns of the period. If I get a short gown & petticoat from my yardage I can wear this to other regency events as a morning ensemble.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

a Hobbit screening, with R Armitage

Thursday, 18 April 2013

health issue update - and it's all good

A week ago today I went under the knife and had my gallbladder removed.  At lunchtime the day before, I got a phone call from my surgeon's office going "Surprise!!!! We can operate tomorrow".  They'd had a cancellation, so I told my supervisor I'd be heading home to prepare, pack and I'd see them in 2 weeks.

The work background is that the exec that I support had gone on 6 weeks leave from Easter, and is back mid-May.  So for work, it's the best timing ever that I'm away while she is, and I'll be recovered and back at work.

The surgery was problem free, although my blood pressure dropped too low, so I was in recovery a couple hours longer than I'd otherwise be. They couldn't move me on until my BP was at a better low.  I had zero nausea etc, which was fantastic. I could hear some unhappy people, but then again they didn't have cuffs on their calves alternately inflating to keep their circulation going. My left foot took until 4am or so the next day to not have that puce/salmon colour.

Visiting the bathroom was a protracted experience.  I was on bed rest due to the ridiculously low BP (85/49), so I'd have to buzz a nurse, have my BP checked to see if it was high enough to be allowed up.  then they'd manually check it as the automatic machine result is a bit lower and I'd be just that bit too low, and then I'd manouver myself out of bed and shuffle accompanied by the nurse and my drip.

So I couldn't risk waiting until I was certain I really needed the trip.  The nurses were really surprised that I had no dizzy spells, or the turning black for a second on standing.  Quite low BP used to be my normal, and I knew that if things went black to stop moving until it came right.  I've never fainted despite decades of it. 

My recovery's been pretty good, although one of the incisions got infected, so I'm on antibiotics for 10 days. 2 down, 8 to go.

Even though I wasn't comfortable after surgery, I already felt so much better. That constant ache of the inflammed, pissed off gallbladder just wasn't there.

I've already eaten most of the things I couldn't for 5 months. Vegetables, chicken, rice, egg, pork, gluten free cereal.   And in a week I can try the non low-fat things like bacon.  I hardly ever eat bacon, but it's one of the things I've missed the most.

So looking forward to a bacon+egg sandwich, with my gluten/soy/potato/yeast/dairy free bread. mmmmh

After the food intake returns to my normal variety, next on my happy dance list is returning to sewing and being able to do things.  I can't lift/carry more then 5kg for another 3 weeks, so am getting groceries delivered and having to limit things such as re-organising the grotto.

a better pattern option for Catelyn

I went into the grotto and wasn't expecting to find some more patterns I hadn't returned to the proper drawers. Actually the room's a mess cos of a whole variety of those actions. or lack of actions.

Did I mention my discontent with the Betzina pattern being drafted for a stretch, and I'm not using a stretch fabric.  So imagine my delight at finding this pattern today.  It's a half size, so shorter & short-waisted and narrower shoulders. IE the likes of meeeee

Thanks to a brilliant friend I have an image not of Catelyn's dress but one of Sansa's that has a similar seamlines on the front.

On the improving side of the grotto, I managed to score an Aneboda set of drawers from ebay. With a seller who'd deliver, which most can't. I literally hit the "buy now" button 5 minutes before the hospital phoned me with "Surprise!!!! surgery tomorrow".  The seller was kind enough to deliver it on Monday, and did all the carrying as I'd explained about my surgery.  So I can't yet put it under the cutting table, as I need to move stuff of the table, chock it up higher and install it.  Plus I may take the legs off if I can, it's a teency bit too high.   Another advantage of ebay buying is that it's already assembled, so I'm saved the aggravation & time that takes. I'm looking for another set, to go back to back under the cutting table. As this set was white, I'd prefer to get another white set, not a beech set. That will slow down finding one, but I've remembered gumtree too. I really need to get the other fabric cupboard together, but that's a job for in another month.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

crossing curtains off my UFO list

This morning I finished & hung my second curtain, so it's great to mark that off my UFO list.

Not only that the blackout+thermal lining really does a great job of blocking out the sunlight, yay for next summer.

I also need to get my sheers replaced, as this is what happened as I was grabbing them this week. I hadn't washed them this summer as I knew they'd just disintegrate.  The replacements will be more sheer, as both spotty & lincrap were out of muslin when I made these.

Friday, 5 April 2013

actual sewing, pics to come

Tonight I got the first curtain completed & it's already hanging up.   I wish I had one more curtain hook, but they only came in packs of 14, which is so frustrating.

I'll finish the pair tomorrow morning, and I'll have one more look for the already cut sheers, as I'd love to have them in the photo too.  I'm counting on the thermal+blackout lining being just the ticket as my bed is right next to the window and winter is coming.  It's the cold air that upsets my lungs and triggers asthma.  Not cold compared to other countries, but my lungs are drama queen over-reacters.

Next on the sewing table will be the half cut out skirt, as I'm really looking forward to wearing it.  I need to make sure I have matching thread & zip - think I bought them 16 months ago - and suitable thread for my new overlocker.

Talking of which, a couple of weeks ago I got a brand new overlocker at Aldi, which I trecked out to get despite feeling less than the best.  I made sure to check it was running before putting the packing in my store room (as they have a great return policy).  I was happy to get it as most likely a rebadged Janome - that's who made their 2 previous machines.  Happily for me, yes the service contact details are that of Janome, though it's not mentioned by name. 

I'm still fond of my old babylock but it needed servicing again after not much use since the previous service only 15 months earlier.  The cord was starting to fray at each end so it was going to need electrical work as well.  Too much for such an old (1970s) machine.  bye bye babylock [EA605?] you have served me well

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

plotting for my next Syd'nova costume (in June)

I'm starting to plan for my Game of Thrones costume for Syd'nova, and I've decided to go with Catelyn Stark and her blue-green dress.   I've already ordered a dark auburn wig, and will be getting a slightly longer also dark auburn wig to combine.

Although my dress will be linen not silk, the close up pic I found isn't a full body shot. I have 2 pieces of powder blue linen that I'll dye.

So the front has at least 8 panels, and probably the back too, though I'm going to have to watch Season 1 again & hope for some peeks at her back. Cos I may have to guestimate the opening/closure too. I have some unbleached lawn I can use to make the high-necked chemise. I think the sleeves are longer than the dress sleeves. 

I've got 2 dress patterns with a shoulder princess line I can use as a starting point.  V9220 I've used before, and I'd have to change the neckline and sleeve length as well as the other changes. 7472 I've not used, but the v-neck is very close to what I need, and is closer in length. I'll need to add a smallish amount of hem volume, but that doesn't worry me.