Saturday, 25 May 2013

unfitted mockup of the hobbit bodice, and other small chores

Today at the sewing guild I took lots of little things in case the spare sewing machine wasn't available/working.

I seperated the chemise-blouse pattern pieces from the corset & pantalettes in the burda envelope, and cut out my size in the paper pattern. Leaving the fabric until the last minute this week (so I can hopefully including in a stashbusting comp).

I can tick off some zips that had to be unpicked from discarded skirts. I'd alreading cut a skirt margin around the zips as the skirts were stained or damaged.

My hobbit bodice pattern to trace and get the initial mockup done. I didn't cut the pattern out as it's on heavy paper, and I'd rather leave the multisizing intact. I'm using the Tailor's Guild pattern, cutting it off at waist level. I cut it out in midweight cotton twill using long stitches and putting an upside down zip on the front edge ... it's the waist that needs to be wider to get on, not the neckline.  When I make the real hobbit, I'll cut the front on the fold and have a 2" gap in the back that laces closed. I'm hoping to get help fitting this tomorrow.

I've just popped it over my speedy fish T to see how close it is, as it's going over a chemise-blouse not too far removed from a T. The fit is closer than I expected but longer shoulder straps (I'm short between shoulder and underarm. A bit loose below the bust of course. I'm going to bone between the base layers, with the "fashion" layer floating on top of them.  An incredibly poor quality photo, but meh, the past couple of days are saying "just keep moving forward" so I'm not going to have another go. You should see the photo attempts I deleted!

I took 6 pieces of fabric to give away, and only had to bring 2 of the smaller pieces home. I'll take them to the Fabric Cave next Sunday.  Plus some others I didn't take with me today.

3rd task i tackled was the UFO nightie I cut out last year and didn't get done. At the time I hadn't enough fabric to cut out the keyhole neck facing such as the one in this version I made *cough* years ago. So when I took El Pres fabric shopping a month ago on her flying visit from Adelaide I grabbed half a metre of the similar but smaller/bluer fabric in Marrickville. The same place I got my hobbit apron yardage. And yesterday got the Catelyn fabric.

So today I planned to cut out the keyhole facing. Except when I opened up the project bag there were no sleeves. None.  And for once I tossed the scraps. So I must have flicked the sleeves by mistake when I cut it out back in July or August - it was before my August holiday. The half yard of tiny print wasn't enough for both sleeves and the neck facing. And I was there YESTERDAY and they still had the fabric, but I just knew that if I cut a sleeve and neckband that when I got back there it would be all gone and I'd have to cut them again. So I grumped to anyone who'd listen.  Mainly cos the timing of it all.

The grumps put me off a little.

Next I got out the dress pattern for Catelyn & found the right pieces for the mockup, but was too grumpy to do an FBA on the bodice, so I packed up a tiny bit early and came home.

At least 2 of my extensive UFO list are scratched off it. I just wish the nightie was going to join them soon.
- replacement curtains for my main room, with block out lining - cut out
- Hobbit, 2 skirts cut out


  1. Hey - nice to find you on the bloggershere! Shame about those sleeves. There is a good fabric shop in Marrickville??? I must suss this out. Looking forward to seeing your costume finished.

    1. There's 3 fabric shops in Marrickville, all owned by vietnamese migrants so they're a bit like Cabramatta. Jack Textile is fairly good and my lucky dip shop that often has what I can use. For me it's easier to get to than Fairfield or Cabramatta.

  2. So when I come to visit, you'll take me on a shopping tour? :D Seemings I usually take you shopping, I think it only fair.. :)

    1. Yeah! there's squoodles in Cabramatta, a random but good in Fairfield, and Pitt Trading (Ramsgate), My Hung in Hurstville, Remnant Warehouse in Alexandria (Mascot end), Metro (wholesalers with some corsetry) in Tempe, Marrickville, spendy Tessuti and moar!