Tuesday, 28 May 2013

reverse stashbusting

Last night I  popped down to the laundry to grap a top for work today, & thought I'd have a quick squizz in the tub o' regency goodness for the piece of grey linen. It's not enough to make a short gown, as it's only 135cm wide (pesky beefy arms of mine).  Anyhoo, I thought it'd be good for a working class regency apron - trying to use stash this year as much as inhumanly possible.

Instead of finding the grey linen in there, I found the lightweight blue stripey crepe-ish wool that I thought had been carted to the charity shop last year. So freud was looking out for me. It's not scritchy and that extra width at 150cm makes it enough to squeak out a short gown.  I may even need to piece a sleeve, but I'll get it.  I'm thinking lightweight wool's a good enough idea as Winterfest and Redcoats & Convicts both happen in winter.

Concession needs to be made for the fact I'm a bit of a freak though.  Last Thursday I noticed that I was the only person at the bus stop (or indeed on the bus) who had bare legs, short sleeves, no scarf, cardigan, jacket or coat. And I wasn't cold. Not even crispy on the outside and toasty inside.  I was pleasantly comfortable. I still am this week and it's not warming up.

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