Monday, 13 May 2013

a delicious gluten free cake

I first tried this recipe back in September, and it was definitely successful then. 

Last week we were having a morning tea at work and I operate on the theory that if I make it I can eat it .... it's easier for me to ensure something is gluten & soy free.  I can now have dairy so that's one less thing to dodge!

The recipe comes from:

This time around I was able to use butter instead of nuttlex .... mainly cos it's what I now have in the fridge. I had great success with nuttlex and may well use it again.  I failed to whip the egg whites into a properly stiff peak, so my cake wasn't quite as light as it could have been.  The first one was about 1cm taller (3/8ths of an inch).  Also I might have slightly burnt the syrup, but it wasn't noticed by anyone once the cake was done .... or so they told me.  It was enjoyed by all.


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    1. Mhhhh. Am going to make another tonight as it's someone's last day at work. This time I'll use orange or mandarins.