Monday, 2 December 2013

you'll never know what Lincraft has to do with radiation eating bacteria

So I had this short but ranty post that the computer ate, and it was about how I phoned The Fabric Store and Tessuti to check they had crin (horsehair braid for hems). The first thought I was a demented milliner until I said 'hems', the 2nd used to have it or is currently out of stock. Same result. I don't need a 50m roll from Greenfield's.

Didn't bother to phone Lincrap cos Chernobyl radiation eating bacteria. Yes the full segue was in the computer eaten post ... which I now think is a little creepy especially as I was living in the UK when Chernobyl blew up.

Instead I went to eBay and found an aussie millinery supplier who's sending me 4m in the post.

For the hem of my femme Doctor's skirt.

Yes, trapped in hormone hell and thus a bit soapbox ranty.


  1. It's sad, but it seems like as older skills and techniques are lost the supplies needed for them get harder to find, thus pushing them even further onto the outskirts. :-(

    1. This is so true, sadly. Which is why Lincraft is known as Lincrap, when it used to be a quality chain and now is worse than Spotlight.