Thursday, 12 December 2013

my mental checklist for the femme Doctor

The blouse/chemise is done.

The petti just needs the waistband stitched - and it's pinned, ready to roll.

The skirt has the hem pinned & very late last night when I was about to pin the waistband onto it, I realised that I should insert a zip in the side seam - a placket would be period but it's a costume. Also depending on how I pleat the skirt the zip will be hidden anyway.

The corset strength layer is cut out & I didn't want to risk bodgy cutting the fashion brocade layer. I need to do that when I'm not so tired, as after cutting the strength layer I had a D'OH moment. I should have cut the back with a seperate facing to sandwich the fashion layer in, rather than not. But I'm not willing to sacrifice more coutil for this. Though I could cut a seperate facing from drill. Hmmmmm, yes this is tempting. It won't help the front, for which I should also have done the same thing, but meh, will figure it out when I get home.

I must remember to make a modesty panel for the back - more because I want the back to look neat and tidy as I'm not getting the jacket made in time.

Plus, NB make a silk satin narrow scarf to use as necktie.

Logic dictates that I could have got more done last night but I had to have a massage due to an increasingly tight left shoulder. That had me a bit zonked, until I mentally cracked the whip.

My grommets weren't posted on Monday, so I'm hoping like hell that they arrive tomorrow. Express post isn't guaranteed overnight delivery and it's xmas post season slowing things down.

I also ordered a gross each of 00 in black, pewter, antique brass and nickel from Richard the Thread and they were posted before my local stopgap order. I should have had a more structured order from these but I had the "order bulk grommets now before you forget" moment.


  1. I found your blog from "how good is that?", and now am itching to see how this turns out. I went Dalek for the big broadcast here.

    1. Hi & welcome. I joked to one of my friends that she should make a Dalek onesie for her party in another state.