Sunday, 1 December 2013

stashbusting blouse pattern & fabric selected

Wheee, I quickly found the pattern I was considering, and I'm going to stick with it. It's from 1990, and I made it in a lovely rayon print by Kaldor, and still have that packed away somewhere.

It's very loose fitting so will need an FBA but not much else to make it fit.  I'll extend it as long as the fabric allows, and then possibly add a short border in plain cotton.  I'm going to use it as longer chemise as well as bodice - using a mock opening rather than a real one.

I'll use the silk satin as a double collar - if I baste it onto the facing then I can used this white shirt as a more generic shirt-under-corset. The fabric pic will have to wait a little - it's being pre-shrunk even as I type.

I raided the white fabrics tub and there were 2 options, one a brighter-white narrow self-striped lawn, and the other a white lawn with paisley embroidered onto it with white thread.  I found that a more tantalising option.  There's 3m of it, so enough for the blouse and to make it a smidge longer. That, and I misplaced my camera {rollseyes}, but I'll find it soon & take a pic of it after shrinking


  1. You're really going for the stash busting! It's inspirational! :-P :-D

  2. I did order 1m of brocade for the corset cover - told myself that I could only if I used stash for everything else. The giant stash is ginormous!