Sunday, 29 December 2013

sewing UFOs checklist

Not as shabby as I expected, as I've finished 6 of my ufos (none from the historical category however).  Sadly I've added one new one, as half made brown wool skirt which I started and got distracted by costumes. As it's now summer here finishing it can wait for cooler late autumn days. I'd like to fossick out the sheers and make/hang them in the next couple of days. The blue skirt will get done before the end of the week - it's not going to lurk past the 2 year mark. That and I really want it for work in a week's time.

I also tossed 2 old UFOs, an abomination jacket. Not the style, the fabric. It was a stretch gaberdine wool but instead of the stretch running across, it ran down the yardage. That made it impossible to set sleeves that would fit my hefty arms. And it was @ 5 years old, so whooshka, in to the bin. The other was something I'd cut out @ then and a style I'd not wear these days so that got flicked also.

Non costume
- replacement cotton sheers for my main room - cut out
- blue linen/rayon herringbone 1930s skirt - half cut out
- paisley self drafted pattern - 50% sewn
- aqua knit top - cut out
- Go Petunia's T - cut out
- brown wool Burda WOF skirt, partly sewn (new 2013)
- replacement curtains for my main room, with block out lining - cut out
- flannelette nightie - cut out

- teal knit top - half sewn (discarded)
- Decades of Style 1930s matinee blouse - 80% sewn
- apron - binding to be added

- striped pocket hoops - 80% sewn
- pink white stripe regency saque hat - half sewn
- regency bibfront cotton day dress - 25% sewn
- blue (with tiny black diamond) open robe - half sewn
- regency stays - daffodown dilly pattern, cut out
- regency stays - mantua maker pattern cut out for a friend
- regency stays - Missouri Historical Society, cut out
- 1850s ruffled petticoat - needs levelling & waistband. therefore needs cage crinoline.
- cage crinoline – bag & vertical straps sewn, needs steels & waistband
- stripe lobster tail cage bustle - sewn, needs canes/steels inserted & waistband
- red bustle dress - part cut out
- 1917 austerity corset - toile cut out

Pop Culture
- Hobbit, skirts cut out
- Idris - skirt cut out

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