Thursday, 5 December 2013

brocade for the femme doctor's corset

I ordered some brocade from puresilks - using ebay puresilks - using ebay rather than their website. It arrived today and I'm comparatively happy with my choice. I do have 1yard of a repro screen accurate that I bought into via an Dr Who online community group order, but I didn't want to use it for this in case I botch it completely. This is what I ordered, and although it's not paisley it works for my not screen accurate steampunky femme doctor. I've got paisley in the blouse.

I rationalised buying this in my year of stashbusting as it means I get to use 13m of other stash fabrics
2m beige/milky coffee linen/rayon (skirt)
3m paisley embroidered white on white (blouse)
1m white lawn left over from Dr who nightie (extend blouse length)
2m celery stripe cotton (petticoat)
2m white self stripe cotton (petticoat ruffles)
1m coutil (corset strength layer)
2m blue/green light denim (spencer jacket)

Though I suspect at the rate I've been stitching that the spencer may not get made.

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