Monday, 9 September 2013

using a stash pattern, but I may need to repurchase it anyway.

Today needing a 1930s jacket pattern surged to the front of my addictive-sewing lobe. Assuming there's a lobe of the brain reserved for obsessive sewing!

 So I popped onto Etsy to see what was available, only to notice that erm, a Butterick Retro pattern #6329 appears for sale more than once, and is already safely in my stash. So I'm not going to buy another 1930s jacket pattern but instead use the one I've had since 1999.

*hrmmmm* UH-OHHHHH It appears that I toiled this pattern in August 2008. I had no memory of this. Nor do I know where the pattern pieces and toile are. I may have to repurchase the pattern cos it seems I liked it!


  1. One of the advantages of tracing patterns is you can loose the pieces three times over.

    1. If I traced every pattern I'd never bother to sew. I already have to do so much collage to alter to fit my short, short waisted, busty, narrow shouldered self that adding tracing to it would do my head in. I do trace off from original-vintage patterns, and that's time consuming enough for me :)