Sunday, 8 September 2013

too much stuff!

I've not yet read Buried in Treasures - a workbook for dealing with hoarding, although reading Stuff last year helped me recognise some of my unhelpful thought patterns.  And often once I recognise something I can deal with it more practically. At least mine is small scale beginner hoarder level.  I never let it get past that, but as I've had 20 months of poor health I got behind in my culling.  Stuff was really interesting to read as I've a couple of things that hoarders have - a difficulty in letting go of things, and seeing potential in things that others don't.

The inspection of my storage room is tomorrow morning - eek - and I did some tidying but simply tossed a sheet over the mess on the sofa. I want to get rid of the sofa, but can't until the stuff on it is cleared.

I've got 2 bags of fabric/quilt books etc to give to the Fabric Cave - couldn't make it there today so it'll have to be next month; and 2 plastic drawer sets (my patterns used to be in) are going to a friend in a couple of weeks.  I was going to haul the empty tubs up to the charity shop, as well as a magazine rack but it was hard rubbish day ... an aussie phrase for when the local council collects stuff that won't fit in your regular rubbish collections. My council does them 3 times a year, some do them once a year.

Anyway I took that opportunity to haul those things to the footpath (empty tubs, a magazine rack & a desktop A4 document organiser) and when I took up a bag of videotapes & some very old bolsters the decent stuff had already been taken to new homes.  Works for me!

I brought upstairs some bags of paperwork to cull.  Yeah typical paper problem for hoarders.
So a small start to getting my peace of mind back after 20 months of not having the health & energy to tackle them.


  1. It feels really good to cull the piles, doesn't it. I'm trying to turn my thousands of books into a couple of hundred at the moment and it's surprising how many I don't think I'd ever read.

    1. It does :D

      I find it hard to part with books, so it's just as well I now use an eReader. Mind you I normally borrowed novels from a library.