Saturday, 28 September 2013

Doomed ... DOOOOOMed

I got to the train station with my suitcase to travel out to the Blue Mountains for a Subscription Regency ball.  Due to trackwork I was being collected at Penrith station as I literally won't be able to catch the rail-bus. (1) they never have enough buses for the people transferring from the train; (2) I can't stand for long (with my dodgy knee) and I can't sit unless I get 2 seats together so I can put my right leg up. There isn't enough room for a straight leg; (3) most of the rail-buses are old buses (cos usual services are operating) so there isn't luggage room.

I bought my train ticket early as I was meeting my friend C at the cafe near the station for brunch before catching the train and I wanted to be ready to go as soon as it was time.

Walking from the ticket machine to the cafe I see the platform information signs switch over to say there was trackwork between Blacktown Station to Lithgow  ie NO trains going past Blacktown to Penrith.  Completely UNLIKE the information on their website 2 weeks ago, when they usually have all the advance trackwork timetables working effectively. These things are long range planned.

The person giving me a lift was driving down from Katoomba to get me and it's unreasonable to ask her to drive to Blacktown!  But I won't make it onto the rail-bus. So I'm crying as my friend arrives for brunch - cos I can't get out there and have accommodation + the ball ticket paid for.  Plus now a train ticket.  All wasted, cos with less than 5 hours there's no refund for either.

I have brunch , feel reassured by C (who's had to catch a rail-bus or 2 herself in the past couple years) that it's actually going to be impossible for me to get on one, no matter how short the distance. And by short, the express bus would be at least 30 minutes. Closer to 40. *If* I could get on with a suitcase and stood for that long my good leg would ache too much tonight to enjoy the ball. Which I wouldn't be dancing at anyway.   Strike 1.

On my way home I go to the Metrobus stop in Park street. Except there's a street parade on George so the buses are diverted (they can't get across george st to it), and there's no info on where the replacement route is.   Strike 2.

Wheel my suitcase up to Eliz St and I can't get on a bus there either as its a 30C day and every man & his dog is on the bus as it goes past me to a beach.   Strike 3.
So I have to catch a taxi home, which adds to the cost of a failed weekend at a regency ball.   Strike 4.

I got home & cried. Again.

What a pricey weekend of disappointment.

I was already a bit unhappy that I was staying at a guest house on my own - everyone else had plans that didn't involve me.  I would have enjoyed myself when I got there anyway,  but now I won't be.


  1. How absolutely awful. :( Big Hugs.

    1. Thanks! It was awful, cos I was going despite the less fun aspects - unable to dance - or sit comfortably for long - and staying on my onesies at a guest house. Everyone else made plans assuming I'd be with someone else. But I wasn't. :(