Thursday, 12 September 2013

A shoe making course in Sydney

I'd heard that Birdsall Leather had shoe classes as well as there other leather workshop classes. I need to go there this saturday to get some neatsfoot oil, and while I looked up the opening hours, I found their page for workshop classes.
Learn to make a pair of custom made shoes from start to finish......including open toes, closed toes, high heels, flat heels or wedges! (Boots excluded for beginners) Birdsall Leather & Craft are conducting a six- week course with master Italian shoemaker, Mario Dato who has over 50 years experience. Cost is inclusive of: 6 week tuition Leather and components Use of all tools & equipment Tools to keep: shoe hammer, lasting pincers, tack knife, magic pen & apron - value: over $150!! Bring a notepad and pen and your own tools if you have them. Any extra tools needed can be purchased at Birdsalls. Bookings are Essential - Positions are limited so please be quick to avoid disappointment. When: Commencing Saturday 26th October, 2013 for 2 x 3-week blocks (Saturday mornings) Time: 9.00am to 1.30pm Where: Birdsall’s downstairs workshop Cost: $695.00 for a 6 day workshop and a pair of shoes! How: Contact the team on 02 9316 6299 or Payment in full is required by October 12, 2013.

After looking at my shoemaking things on the weekend, it's tempting to sign up again to make something new.


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    1. I thought you (and others) might be interested. Considering TAFE fees were $1078 for Cert IV this year (and that's covered 1 night per week when they had a shoemaking course), and didn't include tools/materials it seems fairly good. I like that the class sizes are small - will find out more info when I head there on Saturday morning.

    2. The class sizes are small - 6. They will run this course again next year.
      I love shoes in the UK does a similar course for a lot less and they sell their course material etc online. So, yes, I'm interested but my budget is already committed for the rest of this year.
      I'm hoping to do the UK course when we go there in the next year or two.

    3. For me it's the access to a working setup - I'd like to have a look at what it's like. I do miss making shoes.