Sunday, 22 September 2013

seeking affordable crinkled red cotton or rayon

I'm going to a friend's Doctor Who 50th Anniversary party later this year. Yayyy, however as it's at the end of November I'm going to need a cool costume.  We've already had a 30C day in the first week of official spring, so it's looking like being a stinker summer.

I've got blue pique cotton for Clara's blue & black bustle gown, however that will be insanely too warm to wear - closed neck & long sleeves are to be avoided.  I do want to do a weeping angel at some point, but the makeup is likely to sweat off {squick}.

Another costume is the sybilline sisterhood from The Fires of Pompeii.

Here's a closeup

I'm thinking a cotton or rayon for comfort, and a red crinkle cheesecloth would be really good for our climate. BUT, do you think I can find any?  gahhhh.  May visit spotlight again, but it's so frustrating.

I have found a red silk crinkle chiffon, but spendy & silk is an insulator. Plus I'd need to line it, adding to cost.

Fashion Fabrics Club have a brickred crinkle rayon - int'l postage will double the cost & then it's brick red. Not paying that for the wrong colour.

So I'm not sure whether I could go for their other rayon crushed red as it's crushed and ?shimmers?
It is a better red, and I could broomstick crush the dress after it's made to better effect.  Hmm, if I can't find red cheesecloth in the next week I can see myself ordering this & practising drawing eyes on the backs of my hands.

Hmmm, I just checked Lincrap's website and they have white, black & pearl cotton cheesecloth. 120cm wide at $7.99.   I can dye it in my washing machine. So I need to work out how much I need, and allow a little for shrinkage.  Dye cost will add another $25 to it, sadly. But at least I ought to be able to get it.

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