Wednesday, 25 September 2013

going with 'shimmer' red rayon

Last night I ordered 5.5 yards (5m) of the shimmer red rayon from FFC. The reason for my choice is that it was about the same cost as the cotton, and I wasn't going to have to dye it. I'm already planning to dye some rayon/linen fabric for a skirt and it's getting too hot to be boiling up water in the copper to bucket over to my washing machine. There's no hot water plumbing in the laundry, so the only way to get a hot wash is to either buy a machine that heats the water (spendy) or heat up water in the gas-warmed copper. I'll have to crinkle pleat it, but that's not going to be a hassle. It'll dry fast in our hot weather when I do that process & may even chuck it in the dryer to help it. And presuming the 'shimmer' remains it'll look more like the original costumes.

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