Tuesday, 17 September 2013

snail pace hand sewing in progress

I'll have pics in a day or so to share - maybe even some later tonight.

I spent saturday sitting on a comfy sofa, occasionally being snuggled by delightful dogs, while I cracked on with the viking shift. Completely hand sewed the keyhole neck with facing, assembled the sleeves and inserted both of them. When I reached my tolerance point - after neck & 1 sleeve - I had a break while re-stringing my viking necklace.

On Sunday I had a friends pop in for coffee and to collect 2x plastic drawer sets that I don't need now my Ikea drawers are set up under my cutting table. Funnily enough she'd given me a single 4-drawer thing a couple of years ago which I'm still using, and now they've moved they can use my two similar ones.

I then met another friend for lunch & a movie (Elysium which I thought was patchy) and came home to do laundry & dither over the apron gown. I couldn't face anymore hand sewing that day, which isn't suprising. I rummaged into the giveaway bag of fabric and pulled out a length of bright grass green linen to turn into a viking apron gown. I'll need to subdue the green with a coffee rinse as it's not a shade I can find linen in vegetable dyes. Silk perhaps, but not linen.

On the shift gown, what's left to do is the side seams & hem, and last night I used the sewing machine to side seam from the sleeves to hem. I'll hand stitch the seam down, so it'll look the same on the outside as the sleeves etc. I also machined the seams for the apron gown, and hand hemmed the top edge.

At lunchtime today I did half the bottom edge. It's a much better quality fabric and so much easier to hand sew. Plus I'm using silk thread for it. tonight I'll finish the apron gown, so that I can tone down the green and have it dry in time to take to work on Thursday morning. And I can finish the shift gown hem tomorrow night.

I'll cut up my current apron gown (all machine sewn) so I can have a new cap or scarf for Thursday night. One way to disguise my short modern haircut.

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