Monday, 18 November 2013

realising that lining is needed (Dr Who costume)

While cutting out the nightgown I realised that the fabric is too sheer to leave unlined, and not self-lined or that'll be a whiter bodice & top half of skirt.  I checked my spreadsheets to see if I had something suitable and had a couple of options.  This is the one I'll go with simply because it's already pre-shrunk.  WIN.

The motif on the white is 3cm (2 1/4") if you're interested.

I had to remind a friend that it isn't the town hall & he doesn't get a vote in whether I do or don't line it.

Tonight I got the skirt & sleeve seamed & overlocked, with the hem overlocked ready to turn & stitch.  Tomorrow night I cut out the facings & linings - after I see Thor 2.  Wednesday I assemble the bodice, make the skirt & sleeve plackets (so I can roll up the sleeves if I overheat).  Thursday haircut + waist & sleeves cuffs, Friday insert sleeves.  Saturday - party on!

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