Saturday, 9 November 2013

a chocolatey (and gluten free) high tea

Today I joined a few other PR members at Adora Handmade Chocolates in Parramatta to celebrate 12 years of Pattern Review
I remember when Deepika commented on a long defunct sewing forum (SewingWorld) that wouldn't it be great to have a website where you could see what others thought of patterns they'd made.  I was one of the earliest people to sign up and start posting, I'm such such a nerd/geek/dork and knew it was a great concept.  I also remember when it crashed nearly a year later and I had to sign up again.  I know not everyone finds it an easy site to navigate, but I remember when there wasn't anything like it at all ... other than a couple of sewing forums that weren't always effectively moderated and SewingWorld itself was known for crashing every year when the founder went on holiday.

Anyway enough reminiscing and onto the celebrations:

I was able to order a gluten free version and they apologised for not having any savoury items for me, and compensated with more chocolatey things.  They were all delicious, and I had a flavourful pot of Paris tea to go along with them. I only took a photo of my special plate, not the others as some of their sweets were different as well as having savoury pastry things.
I even managed to finish one of my older UFO's the Decades of Style matinee blouse (even though I'm not wildly happy with it)

I'm so glad that How good is that? organised it for us
And of course a group photo with everyone - L to R: lower your presser foot, The Sewing Space, R--, Petite and Sewing, On The Road to Sew Wear, R---, Sew Hopeful, J--, myself and How Good is That?.


  1. Wendy, your outfit was beautiful and really reflected a more refined time in history while still looking contemporary.

    1. Thanks - it didn't drape the way I wanted - mind you the last time I made a cowl neck blouse (in 1980, eeeeeek) it was in crepe-de-chine and still needed beads on the neck facing to make it drape properly.

  2. Wonderful outfit Wendy and it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

    1. I agree, a great afternoon - tea, chocolate, fabric & great company.