Monday, 18 November 2013

another summer sleepwear idea

I should have known ... back in 2007 Simplicity had a pattern that's almost a dead ringer for the nightgown I'm trying to finesse from the almost-but-not-quite pattern ... this cover pic of #3893 is from an affordable uncut pattern for sale on etsy.

Hey, not too disappointed though as I'm starting to think that it's not going to be the comfiest to get on/off even with elastic.

So even if my current kitteny attempt is a failure, I've not given up on a short cotton nightgown, but I may change my style direction. I've got another Khalia Ali pattern in my collection #4277 and I have a cunning new plan. I'm going to make it wrap around (overlapping for the back) and instead of halter neck tie (oww on the neck) have the straps cross over.  That way I don't have to struggle with elastic underbust getting stuck on the boobage, and it should be comfortable enough to sleep in. With the short front bodice seam and underarm coverage I shouldn't fall out. That's an important factor given my main reason for needing a summer nightgown is for when travelling, just in case I sleepwalk. And twisted my ankle sometime on Friday night after I went to zzz and before I woke up. There's only 1 way to find out if this new plan is a good one and plenty of fabric in the stash.  Bring it on (after I get my Dr who costume made & a summer dress toile thrown together).

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