Friday, 20 August 2010

unsure if a chemise will need to be sewn

Last night I realised that I couldn't put my hands on my chemise, so I might have to make a new one.  At least I have some stash that will work for that - it doesn't match the top petticoat voile so I couldn't use it for the last bit of ruffle.

I also decided that I'll add the ruffle to the linen skirt last, as I'm doing that ruffle only cos I want to use it for historical wear, not cos the Miggins needs one. The voile skirt needs a ruffle for sure.

tonight I need to finish pinning the skirts to the waist tapes, lace myself into my stays and see that their hem is level.  I'll also pin fit the mock up of the bodice, it looked good over my victorian corset - which I had to put on cos I was getting a muscle spasm in my back from sewing.


~ buy more voile & preshrink it.  buy gingham ribbon to replace the checkered stuff I dislike.

~ finish pinning skirts to waist tapes

~ make sure they're level before stitching

~ pin fit bodice and cut out if still sane.

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