Tuesday, 24 August 2010

This week's sewing plan

so far I'm not behind in my sewing plans, possibly cos I have a realistic expectation of what I can achieve and still keep my sanity.  the only thing I haven't done is allow for gatherin the ribbon trim. I expect that I'll be hand basting it in place, rather than machine stitching it. Mainly cos I may change it at a later date and all that unpicking would put me off. 

I managed to comfortably get the tartan dress out of 3m of 150cm, which means that I have 5m of fabric left over. So now I have the pressure of what else I could make in the future. 

Anyways, my sewing plan is

tonight (Monday)~ assemble bodice front & back (including neck binding if I have bias tape in my stash)
~ seam skirt & press hem, front facings
~ pleat skirt waist
~ cut out oval mop cap & press hem.
~ cut out new toile of sleeves

Tuesday night~  go home via the goth shop in Enmore to collect the white foundation & ordered & paid for on Friday.
~ stitch cap
~  edge stitch bodice onto skirt (the pattern has it hand sewn but that ain't happening!)
~  sleevil.  I can tell the sleeves will be evil, not just cos my arms are beefy but i think the sleeve head is too shallow.  I'll see what happens with the toile. I've allowed an entire evening for the sleeves. (the cap should take 10 minutes if I'l being lazy & the skirt the same.

Wednesday night
~ am seeing a movie with a friend, but it's looking like she wont be able to. If so I'll bring Thursday night's plans forward.
~ measure ribbon lengths ready to gather
~ find navy dress in towering tubs in the Grotto
~ locate the grey shoes for Miggsy in the Grotto

Thursday night~ gather & attach ribbon trim to dress & cap.
~ pack

hmm, I need to get a cheapo suitcase from Paddy's market on Thursday  AND write a packing list before then or I'll forget something essential (like pins to pin the bodice closed!)

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