Wednesday, 25 August 2010

non linear progress

well it's not a linear thing, but progress is being made

leftover from Monday~ assemble bodice front & back
~ pleat skirt waist
~ cut out new toile of sleeves

Tuesday nightgo home via the goth shop in Enmore to collect the white foundation & ordered & paid for on Friday.  this resulted with me getting home much later than I anticipated.
~ stitch cap

~  edge stitch bodice onto skirt (the pattern has it hand sewn but that ain't happening!)  pinned but not stitched yet.
~  sleevil.  I can tell the sleeves will be evil, not just cos my arms are beefy but i think the sleeve head is too shallow.  I'll see what happens with the toile. I've allowed an entire evening for the sleeves. .  the toile worked out well, so the sleeve proper & lining are cut out ready to sew tomorrow night

Wednesday night
~ measure ribbon lengths ready to gather
~ locate the grey shoes for Miggsy in the Grotto  ugh these don't work. they're not comfortable & need the heels recapped.  I'll use my black Enda Mode or my off-white late 1790s
.......   Brought forward from Thursday night
~ gather & attach ribbon trim to dress & cap.

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