Saturday, 21 August 2010

how much rump is enough?

Last night I got the linen skirt pinned to the waist tapes and it's quite heavy, so I'm not sure if adding the ruffle will be a good idea - except I now have 5.4m of ruffle ready to be ruffley on something.

The extra voile for the voile overpetticoat is preshrunk but not yet stitched.  I forgot to hang it out to dryt til it was bed-time. {foreheaddesk}  

The false rump is quite frankly giganti-normous.  It's almost toooo big. But I was reassured me by text message that it couldn't be too big! 

Anyhoo the bodice fits remarkably well, I can see that there will be sleevil cos of my hefty irish washerwoman arms.  And the sleeves are a couple of inches too long, when the bodice is the right length.  Go figure.

Once I had the stays, false rumpo, skirt and toile on I was relieved that it's all going to work out.   thankfully I remembered the draw the line for the zone front onto it while it was on.

I can also see how cutting the front on the bias really makes a difference to how it fits (ie betterer) cos mine is cut on the straight of grain, and while it could be better but I'm not going to fuss over it.  What I might do is cut the lining & white section of the zone on the bias & only have the tartan on the straight - Miggsy's has the tartan that way.

So tonight I'm
~ stitching the linen waist tapes (pinned only at this point)
~ join up & sew gathering stitches of the voile skirt ruffle
~ pinning (& sew if time) waist of the voile skirt
~ pin the voile ruffle in place
~ cut out the cap
~ cutting out tartan bodice (not yet the sleeves) and skirt.

Oh, and Lincraft only had 6.5m of the gingham ribbon.  It ended up being free cos the young guy was messing up the till & tried to charge me $56 for 1.5m of 7.99 voile, 1x packet cotton tape at $6 and 6.5m of $2 ribbon.  He had to get help to figure out what he'd done wrong and this morning I noticed that in fixing the overcharge problem he hadn't charged me for the ribbon.

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