Friday, 27 August 2010

on track for the trip

My plan was to have everything done before I got on the plane & it shall be so :-D   In fact I'm now contemplating sewing a few of the eyelets on my stays, cos everything else is done and why not.  I'm not going to get them all done, but it'll be nice to make a start.  It feels a little odd to not be sewing frantically to the last second.

left over from Tuesday night~  edge stitch bodice onto skirt  pinned but not stitched yet.sleevil. . .  the toile worked out well, so the sleeve proper & lining are cut out ready to sew tomorrow night  I was so paranoid about the biceps fitting that it's too loose at teh elbow. :rollseyes:  I'll fix it for next time but at this point done is betterer

Wednesday night
~ measure ribbon lengths ready to gather   Not happy with the ribbon colouring, and there woudn't have been enough of the small gingham at 6.5m  I used every bit of the 10 metres adn didn't have any left over for bows on the elbows or bodice front.  At the point I had to start gathering ribbon I was over it already.  I almost decided not to add the ribbon, cos I hates the gathering.  Yes I keep picking stuff with gathers, but at least I can bleat about it.  Just as I don't like ironing, but the clothes I prefer to wear need it, so I just suck it in & iron.  With gathers I feel entitled to suck it in & bleat as I gather. 

~ gather & attach ribbon trim to dress & cap.  Decided to not draw up the gathers on the cap until I get to Adelaide.  It'll be easier to press flat, assuming it gets a litle crushed in the suitcase
~ stitch wig modification!

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