Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Monday night sewing plan

Tonight's sewing plan went as follows

tonight (Monday)~ assemble bodice front & back (including neck binding if I have bias tape in my stash)
~ seam skirt & press hem, front facings
~ pleat skirt waist
~ cut out oval mop cap & press hem.
~ cut out new toile of sleeves

I still need to stitch down the bias tape to provide a casing for a cord to draw up the bodice if needed - that neckline is stupendously low!  Vast Acreage of Boobage displayed under fichu.  And I want to do that in the flat, so I'll sew the side seams after that.  I've bagged the rest, but want to do the side seams as adjustable.  dunno why, but meh, impulse is a funny thing and my gut may be telling me for a reason that will later become obvious,

I'll pleat the skirt waist tomorrow. My friend can't make it out on Wednesday night so I do have all the nights free this week.  Phew.

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