Thursday, 26 June 2014

vintage faux fur jacket to repurpose

I really want curly lamb (or astrakhan) collar & cuffs on my coat, and there's a really good quality rayon faux fur available ... overseas!

Instead I chose to bid for a vintage faux fur jacket on ebay, and I won the auction last night. Irritatingly, I can't get the image coding to work today, so until I get home and update you can copy & paste the address to a browser$_57.JPG

I was home sick yesterday, doing a good job of fighting a cold virus. Today I don't feel like the swollen glands are strangling me from the inside, and thankfully bid for the coat already as I dozed all day. Didn't watch TV/DVD nor read nor crochet. I made giant mugs of tea so I got out of bed less often. A friends gift of a novelty zombie head mug came in handy as it holds the equivalent of 2 ordinary mugs. The mug's theme reflected my own brainpan.


  1. Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. Zombie head cup would certainly keep you company. Cool jacket. Feel better.

    1. it was suitably apt company :)