Wednesday, 18 June 2014

last minute sewing for a deadline - that's usual for me

I've been a last minute stitcher my whole life. Or at least since I started sewing when I was 11. These days I know the procrastination is due to a perfectionist streak. As long as it's not done, there's a chance of it being perfectly executed (or perfectly matching my inner vision). But once you've cut that chance diminishes. So once the deadline is almost right there, then there's no option but to simply do your best and cross your fingers for that perfect result.

If I hadn't been sick before & over the June long weekend, I'd have sewn this ensemble then. Plus also a top to go with it. But I spent time looking for the green silk - which is hiding from me.

What I'm making is quite different from the dress & bolero. Mainly because I can't find that silk. So instead I'm using the same draft skirt that I used for a goth cancan dancer costume a couple of years ago, that corset and the bolero remains. I found a too simple black top that I can add some beading too, and wear that under the corset.

Because Winter has Come, and the wedding is out of the city it's going to be very cold in the late afternoon and evening. So I'm using a cross woven English Super 200s Cashmere wool fabric. It's tiny squares of navy and burgundy, so reads as a shot purple. Delicious, fine quality and warm! Plus dark purple really does suit me, and at least I'll look as good as I can. Stash fabric, zip and thread, so that's great for my year of stashbusting for real.

I'm using a Lekala bolero #5853, but have emailed them as the sleeve width is 3cm narrower than my actual measurement, and there needs to be ease on top of that. I know how to alter the pattern to fit (only too well) but am surprised that the custom draft pattern doesn't match the measurement I provided. I didn't ask for the refinements of narrow shoulders, short waisted etc as another person who's similar to myself had a very hinky pattern when she included those details. I can quickly change that up, so long as the design and fit are pretty good on me. The mock up gets thrown together tonight - so I can sew it on Friday night. Yes, I have left it to the last minute.


  1. I hope you're able to finish it in time! I look forward to seeing some pictures.

    1. ista19/06/2014 12:52
      Somehow my subconsious knows exactly how long it needs for me to make something, and always kicks me into action with just enough time to get it done.

      I fixed up the sleeve, narrowed the shoulder and the mock up fits pretty well. I'm going to make s small slash from bust to armhole as an FBA - but the rest of the garment isn't there for a complete one