Friday, 20 June 2014

Sewing ADD - or why is the next thing more interesting than the current project

I'm always thinking more about the next project (or the one after that) while I'm working on the current one. Possibley cos I enjoy research and making something almost more than wearing something new.

In 3 weeks I'm in a historical clothing fashion parade at a National Trust venue, for which I'm wearing my 1790s womens archery uniform (based on the Royal British Bowmen uniform jacket in the Manchester City Galleries). I've not yet even looked properly at my JAFA photos where this outfit debuted.

The weekend after that, I need a new costume for a friend's regency era dinner party. Complete with 3 removes for dinner. We all get to make something to bring so it's not a huge cooking burden on her, and as there's so much food vast quantities of each aren't needed even though there's 12 people dining.

In my UFO list is a 70% made open robe in the blue with black diamonds, back is already pleated & sleeves are ready to insert (hand hemmed sleeves even!). I've gone about this back to front, cos I now need to make the bodice lining and futz around drafting a 'waist' band based on the Janet Arnold or Blanche Payne's History of Costume open robes. I'm leaning towards making a simple round gown using the tufty/striped grey fabric - it tones better with the blue. Though I'm also tempted to make a black lawn gown. I've got the lawn, although it's tagged for another project. Maybe I should just make what I want/need and buy more if I ever get around to the black with blue trim roundgown.

Ooh, and I could finally motivate myself to make the jewellery I had planned for JAFA. Must get onto actually doing that.

And although I'm staying as an overnight guest, I can make my red cloak for a pretend arrival. Maybe.


  1. Yes - I have that sewing ADD too. The next project is always more exciting. Good luck with your jacket.

  2. Darn Google monster ate my comment! I'll try to recall what I said.

    OMGosh. Sewing ADD is real. I agree with BeaJay: the excitement of a new project is what draws many people in. If I'm stalled on a garment (I'm looking at you trench coat), then sewing something else is always more appealing.

  3. Defintately got sewing ADD too. I'm sewing my regency ensemble, my friends regency ensemble for september while planning outfits for winter comicon (october) and next years summer one(July 2015)....I blame pinterest....its too easy to do 'reserch'. lol!

    1. aiyy it's so true. I think of myself as costume-impressionable. I get excited by costumes in the way my teenage school-mates got crushes on boys.