Thursday, 26 June 2014

stacking up my crochet squares

I've not been entirely unproductive, however it's my reading time that has suffered in the production of crochet squares. Here's 3 of the 10 dozen I'll need for my blanket.

I'm almost finished the 4th dozen, and thankfully doing a dozen at a time hasn't left me bored witless. As I'm only taking 1 ball of wool with me, last Thursday I ended up at the hairdresser having just finished 12 inners, and as I couldn't put my glasses on to read I got to 10 more inners and was about ready to scream from boredom. It helped me appreciate my plan all the more.

Once I've got all 120 squares I can decide if I'll use a darker purple to join them or not.

I've got a cold - or virus like that. Not asthmatic with it, yet.

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