Monday, 9 June 2014

[re] organising my costume jewellery

I had a small desktop set of 3 drawers that I had my jewellery in for a variety of costume genres. But it wasn't the solution I was anticipating.  The drawer would either hide what I wanted at the back, or the drawer would pull out and be a hassle to get back in without removing everything from all the drawers.  So I'm going to try this instead. I've tried to group like things together, and at least I can see at a glance whether something is here or plonked somewhere else and to abandon hope of finding it quickly.
I did include my assortment of mother of pearl buckles, and the square shell buttons for my lobster-bustle - don't want to risk losing them in my general sewing stash. That can be a scary place at times, as I have too much stuff.


  1. Yep, I got to and organised all mine recently too. I picked up a bunch of small Hello Kitty zip lock bags at Daiso, and they work fantastically at dividing everything. The last think you want it to have to untangle 20 necklaces when you are in a rush. And it always seems to be that I forget about this sort of stuff and am in a rush.

    I like you way of organising though. Hmmmm....

    1. We have a Daiso now :D What started me off, is that I need to see if I can fix my fave real life necklace (NON precious metal/gem category). Dropped & stood on it.