Thursday, 24 October 2013

sudden whim for a nightie

As I've said, my brain is skittery-skattering across fabrics and patterns and clothing ideas. Anyhoo, a non-sewing/non-costume friend stay over as we were seeing a movie after work and like her I wouldn't want a 90 minute trip home after that!

Long story short - her nightie impressed me as being easy inspiration, and after work tonight I skipped to Spotlight as they now have Simplicity, Burda & New Look patterns for $5.  Can you guess which pattern books I skimmed ... and came hope with Simplicity 2254 which is close enough.

View C with instead an overlapping bodice, and view D/E length.

I'm hoping there's enough of this knit fabric remnant in my stash to make it.


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    1. Isn't it great fabric. :) I was wishing it was woven so that I could make a steampunk outfit from it, but then there probably wouldn't have even been a remnant left