Thursday, 17 October 2013

paper tiles+ sticky tape

I'm trying to do something sewing every day - the past 2 days that's meant half an hour each day sticking a tiled pattern together. I really find this tedious, which I wasn't expecting. So tedious I'm unlikely to use a downloaded pattern again, unless it's a small item.

Today I'll cut out the pattern pieces so that I can start the alterations. I think this is why I found it so blerghhhhh - I always have pattern collage wtih alterations so to me this was a pointless collage even though it resulted in a pattern. I think if the overlap had been greater (even though that would have resulted in more pages) and had been able to line them up through the overlap it wouldn't ahve been fine, but my printer margin was at least 6mm or 1/4" bigger than the overlap so I had to use a ruler to ensure it was done properly. Maybe I'll have a pic of the next stage for you.

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