Friday, 11 October 2013

blergh, leg/life balance is out of kilter

I've been carrying around for a week the printed pages for the Lilly Rose dress. Back & forth from work to home. In the morning I feel full of "I can do all the things" but by the end of a working day I'm tired, achey & grumpy and even with the best intentions don't get anything done (bar feeding myself) once I get home.

I've had 6 weeks of not bending my right knee, with 4 to go. Even though I'm going "yay, the tumour is gone & it wasn't cancer", I'm equally frustrated with rarely being able to sit comfortably, and I even cross a road to walk on the left footpath, as the very slight angle makes enough difference that my right hip doesn't ache like the devil. I'm totally seeing a remedial massage therapist or physio after this, but it feels like a waste to do it now when I've got another 4 weeks (not that I'm counting or anything. [yeah right]).

It really feels like this has been a year of my life on hold - the gallbladder started mid-November last year, and I get my knee back in use mid-November this year. 10 weeks of going up the stairs at home 1 at a time is tediously dull & ragey making.

I'm so very very happy that I had a holiday in Brisbane, staying with Desir Brulant, sewing a couple of great costumes and catching up with my friends up there. That interlude reminds me that once I get past the next month I'll get back to my normal sewing self.

I do have things to look forward to, tomorrow I'm going to a Dr Who 1 day con, that I won tix to. wheeee. And at the end of this month a costume BBQ, and the end of November when I have my leg/life back a Dr Who costume party. My fabric still hasn't arrived so I may make the vampire nightgown, even if I'm unwilling to wear alien fangs!

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