Tuesday, 15 October 2013

polyster is unlike rayon, and I dislike it.

My FFC order arrived at the post office on Friday, & I picked it up after work yesterday. I was definitely disappointed that the red rayon (#2912) is in fact a heavy polyester crushed satin. It melted and stank horribly. It's more cost effective to accept the loss than pay to post it back, though I'm definitely asking them to update the description of the fabric on their website.

So, that means I'll be making the vampire of venice nightgown from my stash fabric & pattern after all.

I can't wear heavy polyester. It's going to be 32C on Thursday (89.6F), was 35C/95F on Sunday and 39C/102.2F last Thursday. And it's only the middle of spring.

So wearing a long cotton nightie in 6 weeks time is going to be hot enough for the Dr Who party. No poly for me.


  1. Do they really make you pay if they sent out the wrong thing? That seems horribly unfair!

    1. Cos I didn't check the Terms of Sale re faulty products, I honestly don't know. I think you have to return it for a refund - but I'll find out soon.

      Given it was an international purchase I *always* factor in the chance that an online fabric purchase won't be right (unless it's i get a swatch first). And ultimately I'm not extremely risk averse. So I'll take a low cost punt and hope it works out. I've bought fabric from them several times and this is the first time it hasn't been as described. The only one I gave away previously was cos the colour was more orange than the photo - but how much of that is the setting of monitors or not? Anyway it made a faaaabulous gift