Monday, 7 October 2013

next choice -- skirt pattern

Part of me wants to use a TNT pattern (ie tried n true) but part of me wants something new for the blueberry skirt.  I'd like a 30s vibe, so probably not this Lekala skirt 5861 and though I prefer longer length, shorter would be cooler in our hot & humid summers. Plus I'd like to try using Lekala but perhaps not with so many pieces as 5687,

So part of me is tempted to again use Mccall 4161 which I've only used once, in wool crepe

or McCall 4593

 or even vogue 7640 which I haven't worn in ages, but for some reason I think of it as a winter pattern.

Also, I'm tempted to finally order the Onion pattern 3019

Regardless of which pattern I pick, I need to accept that nothing is going to make me look slender.  A sleek seal is what I'm aiming for, not a pudding.

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