Sunday, 21 July 2013

ticking the apron off the UFO list

Yesterday I went to my sewing guild group and mended another laundry-bag (all my bra's get put in suitably sized bags for the washing machine) and after about a year got the binding replaced on my apron.  It came free with my Eurail pass (cough) years ago.  The bias binding had become tatty & broken but the fabric is still really good. So here 'tis.

Originally it had navy binding, but I decided green was another option I'd prefer.

Then I had to leave early for my haircut.


  1. I wonder why they have quotation marks around 16 countries? Whenever I see them round something that's not a quote I automatically read it in sarcastic voice.

    1. It was an increase on the previous number of countries, though I can't remember what it had been before